Thursday, May 5, 2011

My waiting game.... and the sad waiting game of others

So I'm t minus 8 days to scheduled c section and am at home waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  (You can see that patience is a virtue I have mastered!). 

I've got more 'spare time' so to speak and was reading through the msnbc site today and happened upon a story which saddened me.  Somehow the concept of children as something which requires a cost benefit analysis is depressing.  What I see is the richness in being open to having children.  Like the richness we experienced cheering on Mark in his 2nd race - a 5 K ('piece of cake') this past weekend. 

Please note that I share the photo - not because I'm looking my best (in fact I think I was growling at someone to sit down and watch the photographer) - but rather that our family, size that it is had a great morning rooting daddy on to an under 32 minute finish of his 5K.

So Mark's race was this past race has been this week and next. Ensuring that everyone's dentist appointments and follow ups for cavity fills (ugh) are complete. Swapping out all the winter for summer clothes (just as temperatures drop to an average of 55 for several days).  Packing bags - for me and baby girl to go to hospital and for 3 different 'sleep over' spots with 2 children per location launching at various points next week to (hopefully!) leave Mark and me ready to go to the hospital early on the morning of Friday the 13th of May  to deliver our lucky #7.  Lest you think we are superstitious, we chose May 13th for the feast of Our Lady of Fatima - who called us especially to prayer and sacrifice.  A great message as we prepare to welcome our next child, whom the world may see as "costly" but whom we see as priceless beyond measure!

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