Wednesday, August 17, 2011

14 weeks and so much change

So it has only taken just shy of 14 weeks to blog again.  But I have one REALLY cute reason to have been distracted.  Monica Mary arrived safely on May 13, in spite of her mother's anemia (apparently I should have listened to the doctor and taken the iron - read horse - pills).  You want proof of the cuteness?  Just look at that face!

Prior to Monica being born I asked a few friends should I change the name of the blog?  Would one more child make that much of a difference in the experience that I blog about?  I can say resoundingly - yes! 

The arrival of each new child has changed the dynamic of our family life in every possible way.  But most especially for me, I can now appreciate the little things in all the older children as they mature.  For example, how Sarah and Joseph can help to pack the van when our family went away for July 4th.  They wrote their lists and took out the clothes they needed to pack.

How each child understands that this new sibling will need mom and dad more for a little while and to see how they adjust.  The boys - who didn't use to like to play together much - now playing tag, light saber style daily.  Sarah offering to paint Catherine's nails.  Sure they still fight but I've been conscious of how they know the small things - like keeping the house quieter when Monica and Simon, who is an official big brother now - need to nap.  Thank goodness for kiddie pools and buckets! 

We've also learned how important to try to carve a little something special for each of the children as often as we can, to fan their interests and laugh with them at their adventures.From admiring John Paul's egg carton rocket, to accompanying Simon to the library story and play time, gratefully accepting a friends invite to a swim play date or taking in the latest dress up fashion show, life in a larger than life family is still wonderful.

Its also easier to see how fast the time goes .... Monica seems as if she's been part of our family forever.  But also since my last post... my god daughter, who it feels like was baptised three weeks ago is now driving, my younger sister and her husband and sons moved to Charlotte and I turned 40.  Before my sister's move we had a great all extended family day. I reveled in the fun that our children  had along with their seven cousins. We took advantage to memorialize the day in a photo. Reminds me how good God has been to me as well as my sisters. 

I was inspired to stay up a bit later to jot these thoughts after my husband sent me a link to a story about another "a typical family"  - The Kilmer Family - from Maryland.  They have 11 children under the age of 12 (no multiples for them) and appear to be just as content (but maybe more tired!) that I am.  What an inspiration!  I loved a quote by the mom, Jen - she pointed out the truth I'm coming to know better myself “Somehow God provides,” she often says, “in ways you don’t even know.”