Monday, December 27, 2010

What's in a name? To change from 6 under 6 to 7 under 7....

Ok... so this isn't MY 20 week ultrasound.  I won't have pictures of that until mid late January.  The delay in posting (I'm so disappointed in myself that I'm averaging one post a month since October!) was related to many things not the least of which was waiting until we were safely in the 2nd trimester with number 7.   We're closing in on the family size of Brian Regan  - one of the funniest comedian's I've ever heard.  If you're from a big family you have to check him out!

Of course we're enjoying the days after Christmas when toys are still clean, working and considered fun. We even managed to sneak a few toys in which will acutally teach the kids a thing or two.  A few new VTech games to help with reading and logic (and hopefully good sportsmanship when played head to head!), a Leap Frog Tag  for the preK set and specifically a letter scribbly thing to help John Paul with letter recognition deciding if he wants to be righty or lefty. (for those keeping score, for today he was righty).

It amazing how quickly they grow up - trite as that sounds - it rings more true each day.  For Christmas mass we brought our eldest two and left the younger ones at home with cousins as sitters.  Joe and Sarah really listened and participated.  Of course it helped that they had been part of the church decorating volunteer crew on the 23rd, so they were proud to point out their handiwork (part of Mom's 'evil plan' for a peaceful Christmas Eve mass!).  The priest, Fr. Sean, asked the children present, what they were hoping Santa would bring them.  Of course the offer of speaking into a microphone to a packed church ushered forth many the volunteer.  "I want a puppy" (hear parent cringe), "Xbox for my brother so he won't use mine anymore" (hear parent sigh of relief).  Not quite so many hands went up when Fr. Sean asked "What's the best gift we could ever get?"  Joe thrust his hand in the air and waved it violently (and internally I cringed not sure what was coming!).  He caught Fr. Sean's attention and when the microphone arrived in front of his lips, Joe burst out with "JESUS".  I was floored. (Proud, but floored).  I hadn't planted any answer and this is what he said.  So that was my Christmas gift - to see that my son is beginning to know the Son who makes all things possible. 

God even makes it possible to survive the blizzard we endured today, stuck inside with 6 little ones, each clamoring to go outside.  God even makes it possible for  a mom to be able to explain to 4 year olds the concept of "wind chill factor".  God even makes it possible to be thankful for my sometimes crazy, sometimes maddening, sometimes sweet and always growing up son, Joseph.  Who today was working alongside Dad at clearing 30 inches of snow from our house to "make it safe so the kids can play outside". Which he did....and after 30 minutes of layering, snowsuiting, booting and wrapping the oldest 5 - boy did they enjoy those 15 minutes of artic blast winds before they gave up and came inside!  

So I sit here in the silence of a house of six sleeping kids and wonder what is more important... the name of my blog or what I'm prompted to share when God reveals it to me.